Kala APP2600L AppliKator Lamination Table - 2.6m with LED Lights

Kala APP2600L AppliKator Lamination Table - 2.6m with LED Lights


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Kala APP2600L AppliKator Lamination Table - 2.6m with LED Lights

The Kala AppliKator sets new standards for flatbed mounting and laminating, designed with your business in mind - it's modular design allows you to extend the table as your business and applications grow.

The AppliKator has a useable width of 67" (1.70m) and basic length of 81" (2.07m). But the length can be extended in sections of 2.35m without limit just choose between 4,6, 8 or more metres when ordering and extend it over time as your business grows.

Roller Elevation System
Unlike similar systems requiring compressed air for roller pressure, roller pressure on the Kala AppliKator is provided by rapid action electric motors located on either side of the machine.

There are three settings for pressure - low, medium and high which are button controlled meaning that you are guaranteed to be able to reproduce exactly the same pressure time after time rather than relying on a compressor.

The unique elevation system includes a safety laser sensor that detects the media thickness and slows the system down before touching the substrate meaning that even the most delicate materials can be used.

The unique pressure adjustment system makes it easy on the operator too! Unlike systems which use compressed air, the operator can work from the side of the table and even smaller boards can be positioned to the side rather than the centre, meaning more speed, less stretching.

The machine can be operated from either side with one hand required to drive the carriage to the required position, adjust pressure and drive the roller down.

The roller is made from high resistance silicon, not rubber meaning adhesive materials don't stick to its surface.

A PVC cutting mat covers the entire surface of the table, it is anti-static and phthalate free.

Take-Up Shaft
A 65" take-up shaft can be attached to the table to make roll to roll laminating quick and easy.

Optional LED Lighting
You can choose to light one or several sections of the table - available in 2m sections.

The base of the machine can be used for handy additional storage and the entire machine can be split down for installation where door access is restricted.

Key Features:

  • Flat-bed application system
  • Useable width of 67
  • Useable basic length of 81
  • Extendable (optional) to suit applications
  • Roller elevation system
  • Optional LED lighting
  • No need for compressed air